People are always amazed to discover all the flavors in Bean-To-Bar Chocolates

It is a pleasure to be the guide of someone else's sensory journey.

What I can offer you

Yes, good chocolate will be on the Menu

From unique group tasting sessions, through special events for corporate team events to tailored-made services and specific chocolate expertise.

Guided Tastings Sessions

Are you interested in scheduling a guided chocolate tasting? In real life or digital? With beginners, enthusiasts or experts? I have the right set up for you:

Educational Content

Do you want to learn more about history & origins of bean-to-bar chocolates? Are you interested in organizing an educational team event where taste & sensory skills are needed?

Sensory analyses or content writing

The list is long. From tasting new products, drafting sensory profiles and writing content for webpages or journals to special research projects! Just let me know.

Who Am I?

A certified chocolate taster, open for international collaborations

Based in the Netherlands, I work independently as a leader & facilitator of group tasting sessions. My services can be provided in 2 languages (English & French) & in many countries: the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Germany, UK… .  I collaborate across the EU with fine bean-to-bar chocolate shops, bean-to-bar makers and other certified chocolate tasters.

Lauriane Avril

An every day chocolate addict and a professionally certified chocolate taster.

My Latest Projects

At a glimpse, get a view of the fun work I do!

It is diverse: special tastings in partnership with the embassy of Dominican Republic in The Haag and the bean-to-bar chocolate makers, corporate team events for companies, tea and chocolate pairing…

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They Did Enjoy Our Sessions

"Happy faces and new chocolate curious minds!"

I do not count anymore the number of testimonies from people sharing that: “Our guided sessions have opened their eyes to a brand new world”! That they can not unlearn what we offered them. And that they are excited to start their new sensory journey.”

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