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Your dedicated Chocolate Sommelier with background in Research & Development
for the Food Industry.

We can learn to taste & recognize flavors, tastes, notes, hints, off notes, mouthfeel and aftertaste… Some are more gifted than others, but step by step we can all open our senses and expand our sensory skills to start discovering what’s hidden in the food we eat every day! Now, let’s talk about chocolate!

My Story

Food has always taken a big space in my life. With my master studies, I became a Food technologist. With my internships, I got the chance to evolve in the french toast industry or for a BtoB ingredient supplier where I developped tailormade solutions for Industrial pastries, breads & brioche makers. During my studies and with a team, we created an innovation: “L’instant C” that was designed for the coffee break and was coated in Valrhona couverture chocolate. After my studies: I did 1 year in the French fresh dairy industry before going abroad and working in the medical nutrition field. So many products, tastings, flavors… but as well trainings, to always progress!

I always loved chocolate and I wanted to share my discoveries! The world of chocolates and the world of taste is rich. I do have fun tasting & spending time analyzing sensory notes and profiles. I enjoy as much sharing & exchanging this knowledge with others. By starting guided tasting sessions and At Home Chocolate tasting kits with The Chocolate Shop, I got the opportunity to reach more people. I enjoy seeing them discovering for the 1st time what chocolate actually tastes like or seeing them amazed to start discovering fruity, vegetal, nuts, wood or caramel notes. 

My playing field

I give the keys to “understand how to taste”. Describing a chocolate is like showing a map or describing a piece of art. I show the layers, the directions, the main “steps” that our senses approach step by step. Then I let my customers explore by themselves.

I enjoy doing what I do. It is always a great sharing experience, both ways, and I keep growing my own knowledge and expertise along the way. I can continue expanding on the tea, the beer, the wine fields. Lots to do & to discover!

Official company registration

After a busy winter season of digital team tastings events, it was time to officialize my company: A.C.T. for Avril Chocolate Tasting. Proud to have my name in my company’s name! And proud to have a short version that set up things into motion: Act!

Launching the At Home Chocolate Tasting kits

As our customers were in lockdown, I launched in collaboration with The Chocolate Shop a Serie of 10 At Home Chocolate tasting kits. The Goal: bringing the chocolate to the front door of our customers and using connected tools to bring them content about the chocolates, their origins and their makers and sensory knowledge to truly enjoy the potential of these bars. A great success!

Becoming a Certified Chocolate Taster Level 1 & 2.

Acquiring the world’s first accredited qualifications in Chocolate Tasting with the IICCT (International Institute of Chocolate & Cacao Tasting).

Opening my Instagram account

Starting small, my ambition was to test myself in front of a board audience. I shared tips & chocolate discoveries. I was able to travel around the planet and I did meet bean-to-bar chocolates makers. I also did write blogs and chocolate reviews for websites.

Being a Food Technologist

After getting my Master Degree in Food Sciences, I worked several years in the dairy industry as food technologist. At first: developing yogurts, deserts, cremes and then medical nutrition products, I worked on many flavors & sensory profiles. But I always had my preference for chocolate based products & enjoyed working on "out-of-the-box" innovations!
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What matters to me

in my posture of passionate chocolate sommelier

A Honest Product Review

As an independent taster, I share honest & unbiased product reviews to my audience. If it’s good, I share it. If it is mediocre, I will also highlight it, and explain why.

Giving the KEYS to TASTE

I educate others and give them the keys to unlock their tastebuds. After a guided tasting, they can start tasting & discovering by themselves!

Empowering Others

I empower others that “YES, They Know Chocolates”. They have sensory skills! I hope they gain self-confidence through my guided tasting sessions.

While Having Fun

Face to face or Digitally: Tasting Chocolates always make people happy. During our tasting time, we do spend a good time together!

Some Key Figures

Did you know?

Many companies or organizations have been curious about chocolate and the At Home Chocolate Tasting kits, developed with The Chocolate Shop.  Several international chocolate makers were showcased. And chocolates were even paired with tea, beer and rum!

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Yes, we tasted Chocolate Together

at least once!

Many companies worked with me & The Chocolate Shop. We are proud to say that many “Chocolate Connoisseurs” have been trained in these companies:

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