Discovering FOSSA Chocolates while travelling in Singapore

Chocolate excellence & daring to try so many new combinations! A Mastery!

Chili peanut praliné!

Yes! I was able to put my hands on this bar from Fossa Chocolate.

Yes you read well: chili peanut praliné, described with the following tasting notes: “Roasty peanut with a spicy kick and a rusty texture”

54% dark chocolate with 6 ingredients: cacao, cane sugar, peanuts, cocoa butter, sundried chilli and sea salt.

The cacao is from Indonesia 🇮🇩. Fossa has been using their Pak Eddy 70% dark chocolate, a bold and fiery chocolate! Blended with caramelized peanuts and smoked sundried chilli peppers!

Are you all mouthwatering right now?

I love it! A really powerful taste… With an intense dark chocolate taste at the start followed with a salty hotness coming slowly at first… Then becoming stronger and tingling in the mouth! A fun experience!

The texture is really interesting as well!

I suppose the caramelized peanuts play a role in that funky texture!

What a delight ! This chocolate bar was not easy to find in Europe and in the Netherlands a couple of years ago. It was for me a huge success if I would succeed to put my hands on Fossa Chocolate’s bars while travelling in Asia for my corporate job.

Nowadays, an online chocolate shop in the Netherlands import them and make them available for European customers. A bit pricy, sure. But I still see it as “the ultimate treat”!

Will you try this one?

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