Idukki India – 75% by Cacao Experience

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Tasting & Reviewing this bar. Quite a Travel!

Having a break in the middle of a day filled with digital meetings! With this 75% dark chocolate single origin from Idukki district, Kerala region, India by the French Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Makers Cacao Experience.

  • Origin of the cocoa beans: India
  • Made in France
  • 3 ingredients: cocoa beans, sugar and cocoa butter.



Strong smell as soon as you open the packaging. Warm, chocolate, intense, notes of dried fruits and berries.

In the mouth: notes of raisins, some tobacco, wooden and pine trees notes as well.

Chocolate notes of course… with lots of intense spicy and floral flavors.

One pure example on how a bean-to-bar chocolate bar can make you travel in an instant!

Well done to the team at Cacao Experience’s Team!

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