Interview live Heinde & Verre

In May 2020, after a few At Home Chocolate Tasting kits being tasted LIVE with our community of chocolate lovers, with Raymond from The Chocolate Shop, we decided to “bring more content” to our community by interviewing live the Dutch Bean-To-Bar chocolate makers. Back then, dutch people were still in lockdown so our LIVE sessions on Thursday evenings at 8pm were getting really popular! Actually, not only Dutch people did attend. We were getting a quite broad international audience curious to get to hear/discover what we were bringing to the the camera.

The 2 makers of Heinde & Verre:  Jan Willem & Ewald, two passionate chocolate makers, were the first ones to be interviewed. (You can find there website HERE).

We did interview later on: Mark Schimmels, the chocolate maker of KRAK Chocolade. And as well Luc and Per, the two creators of Mesjokke bean-to-bar chocolates.

The Key take aways

1 – Where does the name “Heinde & Verre come from”? Who are the makers behind the brand?

2 – A visit of their production area… and a discussion about machines & specific advantages/inconvenient.

3 – Getting to know some of their secrets to develop special & unique taste in chocolates – trough the different processing steps that have a control on (you will hear about multi roasting profiles, assemblage and ageing cocoa mass)

4 – Q&A: as many makers, industrials & customers joined the live: many questions were addressed at the end of the event.


A very well received & fun interview. Enjoy your watch!

Soon to be published: