Special chocolate origin: India

February 2020: Kicking off the year with a special origin: India.

All the bars are made with cocoa beans from India. The bean-to-bar chocolate makers are from everywhere on the globe: Belgium, Denmark, the UK, the US… Every makers made delicious chocolates out of these cacao beans. Fun fact: some bars are actually made with cocoa beans from the same plantations! So we could really taste the “signature” from the chocolate makers!

The 8 chocolate bars

It always starts with retail chocolates. My method: to first open the floor to “broadly consumed retail chocolates”. They are simple, they are intense, they are not very diverse in term of taste: so it is a good introduction to sensory perception… and to openly discuss about the actual quality of what is available in supermarkets. 

choco 1: 70% Tony’s Chocolonely (the red bar)

choco 2: Bonnat, 75% (Peru origin). A french maker, a very buttery profile (french touch). A contrast between the “announced 75%” and the actual taste of the bar that is not bitter. But soft, mild and creamy.

choco 3: Lindt 78% – bought at the supermarket (no origin mentioned). Which appears to be solely arsh/ bitter/ coal/ burned/ high roast.

Once this is done and people have started getting familiar with the tasting materials & are starting to get confident with their own tastebuds, then it is time to start with the actual Indian origin bean-to-bar chocolates:

choco 4: Fjak Chocolate (Norvegian maker), 68% India. The cocoa beans come from GoGround in Idukki, India and are certified organic

choco 5: Dormouse (English maker – from the UK), 70%

choco 6: Dandelion (Maker originally from the USA – with now bean-to-bar shops & workshops in many countries around the world), 70%. Cocoa beans are from Anamalai region (specifically: from Regal Plantations in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu). The two producers Karthikeyan Palanisamy and Harish Kumar grow the cacao  intercropped with coconut and nutmeg trees.

choco 7: Arreté (Maker from the USA). 70%. The cocoa beans are from Jangareddugudem region. I believe that this reference is not made anymore.

choco 8: 71% French Broad (chocolate maker from the USA as well). Using the same beans as chocolate bar n°6: the Anamalai Farm.

8 chocolates.

That’s a max when I do a tasting. if we do more, it is too much. People are not familiar to tasting and their senses get saturated.

So I give them some “homework”… so they can continue practicing  at home. All my customers will leave the workshop with a tasting kit to bring home to taste in the following days. 

They always really like it & share with me through social media their discoveries! A great way to keep learning & exploring!