Leading & Animating Guided Tasting sessions

Face to Face or Digital,

I organize Chocolate Tasting sessions for groups or corporate events. I bring content and knowledge about origins of cacao beans, the makers and the history. I explain how to taste and I lead the tasting of 3 to 5 products in 1 session. Within one session, I am able to give the 1st basics on how to become a Chocolate Connoisseur.

face to face choco tasting
Doing an online tasting with participants through zoom

How we will collaborate

Getting in touch & co-building an offer

We build a proposal that fits the needs of your team/your company

Planning the tasting session

Once we align on an offer, we schedule it after minimum 2 to 3 weeks - as some logistic may be involved to acquire the right materials from my side and shipping also takes time.

Getting the tasting kits delivered

I can supply & deliver At Home Tasting kits in many EU countries. We use DHL services to ensure our Tasting kits arrive well and on time.

The D-day: Tasting with a group

If digital, we connect through the communication tool of your choice. You introduce & set up the tone. And then I start the workshop. Depending on the set up: it can last between 1h to 2h.

After care: Sharing Tips & Reco

Based on the questions & interactions with your team, I will be sharing a list of tips & chocolate recommendations by e-mail for the curious people in your team. I you are interested, I can also set up a Monkey Survey to be sent to your employees to check their satisfaction level & give you feedbacks..

Why choosing working with me?

New, Different, Educational, Accessible to all ages!


I present the origin of cacao beans & chocolate! I explain what are the key steps occurring at farm level, in the producing countries. And I describe the transformation steps of the chocolate makers.

Accessible to all ages

Most of the time, when we mention chocolate, we only see huge smiles! The plus here: your employees can invite their family members to join the online session! Yes there is enough chocolate in a Tasting Kit to share with friends & family!

Fun & Interactive

I make sure people contribute & participate as much as possible: I help them to describe their sensory experiences and I support them in connecting the dots between “what they perceive” and the sensory properties of the chocolate. People are always so surprised with the bean-to-bar chocolates we offer!

Do you have a question?

If you want to reach out to discuss a specific service or plan an event, please reach out.