Sensory analyses or content writing

I am open for projects.

From tasting new products & drafting sensory profiles for new brands, through writing content for webpages or journals, to special research projects on sensory skills…. The list is long. Let’s discuss!

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A collaboration? here is a flavor:

Writing content for webpages and/or specialized journals

Many tasting reviews written for the Blog of The Chocolate Shop - for example.

Tasting new bean-to-bar chocolates - not yet launched

Supporting bean-to-bar makers in their innovation process by tasting samples, drafting sensory profiles and giving feedbacks,.

Interviewing players in the cocoa & chocolate industry

Comfortable in front of a camera or behind a microphone, I can take the lead of a discussion/ an interview with cacao farmers, cacao traders, bean-to-bar makers... and help bringing their message to a large audience.

Connecting the dots between sensory inputs & brain interpretation

We all have a different brain. When it is about tasting, I create visual images to "translate" what happens in the mouth. I can support research projects to better translate & communicate taste to others.

An idea of a project?

Not in the list here - let's have a digital chat about your project.

Do you have a question?

If you want to reach out to discuss a specific idea or project, please reach out.